We are building a global learning ecosystem with experts, peers, learning communities, multiple modalities of learning that help you learn, practice and to access the knowledge at the moment of need.

Define your learning objectives and build a path to achieve them.

Personalized Learning


Instancy Learning helps you implement self-directed learning where you plan your learning objectives, define a learning plan, select learning resources from a wealth of learning communities, learn at your own pace and track your progress. Engage in on-going and life long learning.

Social & Blended Learning


There are many approaches to learn and there are many experts who bring a wealth of knowledge to help you develop your chosen skills. Much more than an eLearning course, Instancy Learning learning communities offer multiple instructional design models and tools including self-paced, social and game based learning.

Transform Your Career


Apply the skills and knowledge to transform your professional and personal skills. Instancy learning communities provides the tools and resources to encourage application of learning through learning by doing, collaboration, reinforcement, reminders.


A Seamless Desktop Web and Mobile Learning Continuum

Access your learning plans, content and social learning anytime, anywhere, on any device. Start your learning or the desktop and continue it on your favorite mobile device or vice a versa. Download the Instancy Learning app and access your learning dashboard and learning content on the go.

Multiple Learning Communities, One Giant Social Learning Network

Navigate and search through a growing number of learning communities. Join the ones that help you meet your objectives. Manage your learning process and progress through a single dashboard. What is a learning community? Each community is potentially a complete online university managed by subject matter experts who create and share a wealth of knowledge using multiple learning modalities and tools – formal, informal and actionable – continuous learning.


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Content Overview

Instancy Learning is partnering with experts in various industries and professions to help you gain the knowledge and skills to bring a transformation in your career.


Key Features

Instancy Learning provides an on-going leaning experience to help your continue honing your skills. Each learning community uses the Instancy Learning tools and resources to create a blended learning experience.

Common Dashboard

A single dashboard is your landing page and doorway to learn within multiple and growing number of learning communities on Instancy Learning.

Personal Development Plan

As part of the self-directed learning process, you can start by defining your learning objectives and a plan to achieve your goals.

Discussion Forums

Different learning communities on Instancy Learning may use discussion forums to engage in an informal collaboration between participants and experts to supplement the formal learning curriculum.

Social Learning

Instancy Learning helps you build relationships and connections with learning providers, experts and peers who can help you achieve your learning and job-skill goals.

Notifications, Reminders and Newsletters

Receive notifications and reminders about your upcoming learning milestones, events or summary of new resources and discussions.


Different learning communities can use Instancy Learning tools to motivate and reward learners for completing their learning assignments using leaderboards, certificates, badges and points.

Instructor-led Physical and Virtual Classrooms

Learning communities can use Instancy Learning tools to create classroom event calendar that facilitate the enrollment and blended learning and evaluation process.

eBooks, eLearning, Assessments and Exam Preparation

Each learning community may create eBooks, eLearning courses, online quizzes as self-paced learning materials.

Video Based Learning

Learning communities may use video based learning to offer their content.

Micro Learning and Actionable Learning

Short, bite-size and actionable learning content will help you complete what you start. Learning on the go – on the web or your favorite mobile device.

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